Ceremonial Presentation Swords

We are happy to discuss requests from clients interested in commissioning unique and exceptionally high quality ceremonial swords.

This is an example of an elaborate presentation sword with over one hundred hand made components. It is based on a sword carved on the tomb effigy of Sir Giles Daubeney in Westminster Abbey.

The guard and pommel are gilded bronze with gilt silver decoration, the grip is leather bound oak with gilt silver bands.

The fittings on the leather bound ash scabbard are also gilt silver with an enamelled shield set onto the throat.

Every item we produce is handmade and unique, even our Limited Editions.

ItemWeightLengthBlade Length
Sword in Scabbard5lb45 1/2″n/a

For queries regarding provate commissions please contact us via email for further details including waiting times and prices.

Prices for items with silver fittings may be subject to change according to spot price of silver.

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