Important Legal Information

You must be aged 18 or over to purchase any of the bladed items on our website. Please be aware that whilst it is not against the law in the UK to own a knife or a sword, it is an offence to carry one in public without good reason. It is your responsibility to inform yourself of any legal requirements determined by your place of residence. Raven Armoury assumes no responsibility or liability from either intentional or accidental misuse of any items.

Changes to Legislation regarding the sale and manufacture of Curved Swords

On the 27th January 2008 a Draft Amendment was laid before Parliament proposing to add any curved sword with a blade length in excess of 50cm to the list weapons covered by The Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons). Following discussions with the Home Office initiated by Raven Armoury, it was agreed that swords that are hand forged in a traditional method would be exempt from the ban.

If you own a Raven Armoury Scimitar we can provide you with a certificate stating that your sword has been made ‘according to traditional methods of making swords by hand’. Some of our early Scimitars from the 1980s/90s were not marked on the blade. We are happy to add our mark to our earlier blades at no charge. Please email for further information.

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