We have been forging Scimitars for over twenty five years and have made many different designs. The Gallery images here show our Evolution Scimitar which is the culmination of years of work in design and mastering. The blade and clip are hollow ground, the beveled spine sweeps into a fuller as it flows towards the tip.

The scabbard is open backed, which allows it to closely follow the contours of the blade. When sheathed, the guard locks snugly into the throat of the scabbard. The fittings are in Bronze, Silvered Bronze or Hallmarked Sterling Silver.

We are making a numbered Limited Edition of One Hundred swords, available to order individually, or as part of a cased set, comprising Sword, Short Sword and Dagger.

Including a scabbard, the Short Sword costs £4,000 with Bronze fittings or £4,950 in Sterling Silver. Excluding a scabbard, the cost of the Short Sword in Bronze is £2,950 and £3,600 in Silver.

Including a scabbard, the Long Sword costs £4,850 in Bronze and £5,800 in Sterling Silver. Excluding the scabbard, the cost is £3,700 in Bronze and £4,350 in Silver.

Please note that these prices exclude VAT. Items delivered in the UK are subject to an additional 20% VAT.

Every item we produce is handmade and unique, even our Limited Editions. The high carbon spring steel blade is ground from 5/16th” stock (7.5mm). Blades are fully hardened and tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 54-56RC. Weights, measurements and materials can be tailored to suit your requirements.
Item Weight Length Blade Length
Sword 2lb 12oz 36 3/4″ 27 1/2″
Sword in Scabbard 3lb 4oz 38 1/4″ n/a
With a blade ground from 1/4″ stock and stainless steel fittings, the specifications would be as follows: (The handle length has been reduced to help maintain the balance)
Item Weight Length Blade Length
Sword 1lb 12oz 35 1/2″ 27 1/2″
Sword in Scabbard 2lb 10oz 37″ n/a
For the Short Sword:
Item Weight Length Blade Length
Sword 2lb 3oz 29″ 20 3/4″
Sword in Scabbard 3lb 31 1/4″ n/a
For the Dagger:
Item Weight Length Blade Length
Dagger 1lb 1oz 16″ 10″
Dagger in Scabbard 1lb 8oz 18″ n/a

Please contact us via email for further details including availability/prices.

Prices for items with silver fittings may be subject to change according to spot price of silver.

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