Snaga the Sender - The Axe of Deathwalker

‘When I first wrote Legend it never occured to me that any armourer would want to take on the fashioning of the legendery axe Snaga the Sender. But Raven Armoury have produced a weapon that is splendidly crafted, beautifully balanced, and aesthetically superb. It is not just a replica, but an axe that Druss the Axeman himself would have been delighted to wield. In fact the more I look at it the more I believe it is exactly the weapon he did use to such awesome effect on the walls of the Dros Delnoch’.

David Gemmell, 1989

I made the first Snaga for David Gemmell over thirty years ago. Snaga is wielded by Druss in his novels:
Legend, The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend, The Legend of Deathwalker, White Wolf and The Swords of Night and Day.

The Snaga Limited Edition is produced with either a turned or faceted spring steel handle. The grips are bound with calfskin.

The broad blades are ground back, rising to almost half an inch thick at the spines, the blade edges are lightly hollow ground.

The runic inscription “Sender The Blades Of No Return” is engraved into four panels around the handle and inlaid in silver.

Also avaliable as one third and half sized Snaga as well as a pendant. They are exact scaled miniature reproductions of the Legendary Axe.

We are limiting the edition of the full size to just fifty of each round and faceted, and only twenty five of each minature.

The cost of the full size Snaga with a Turned handle is £4,950; a Faceted handle is £5,750. The price of the 1/3 size Snaga is £1,650. Please note that these prices exclude VAT.

David Gemmell 1948 – 2006

The Master of Fantasy Fiction

Every item we produce is handmade and unique, even our Limited Editions.

Full Size



1/2 Size19 1/2″2lb 11oz
1/3 Size13″13oz

Please contact us via email for further details including availability/prices.

Custom made stands are available to order, shown here a Double-Skull stand for a full size Snaga.

Prices for items with silver fittings may be subject to change according to spot price of silver.

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