The Skullery

The skull motif has been used by cultures around the world for centuries. Whether to commemorate the dead, confront our own mortality or celebrate life, the human skull is a powerful and evocative symbol.

From Andy Warhol to Vincent Van Gogh, Philippe Pasqua to Alexander McQueen, the human skull has featured prominently in the world of art, fashion and popular culture. The platinum and diamond encrusted skull by Damian Hirst divided opinion but allegedly sold for £50m and a Gregory skull will set you back somewhere in the region of £25,000. But where other artists choose to use decoration, the Raven Armoury Skull is unadorned.

Available in Bronze and Steel, and a variety of high quality finishes, our skulls are strong and powerful sculptures which possess a timeless beauty in their purity. Memento mori without the bling.

Every item we produce is handmade and unique, even our Limited Editions.

Please contact us via email for further details including availability/prices.

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