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  • Evolution Dagger 3

    Evolution Dagger

    Darkened Bronze
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    The Evolution Dagger has been developed alongside our Evolution Scimitar and is the culmination of years of work in design and mastering. It is a Limited Edition piece available in three finishes: Verdigris, Bronze or Darkened Bronze.

    Every item we produce is handmade and unique, even our Limited Editions. The high carbon spring steel blade is ground from 5/16th” stock (7.5mm). Blades are fully hardened and tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 54-56RC. The scabbard is leather-bound ash.

    Dagger:    Weight: 1lb 1 oz, Length: 16″, Blade Length 10″

    Dagger in Scabbard:   Weight: 1lb 8 oz, Length: 18″

  • Skull Hammer
    Limited Editions

    Skull Hammer

    Stainless steel
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    The Raven Armoury Skull Hammer was first produced in the 1990’s when we made three prototypes.
    We have recently uncovered the mold and are producing a limited edition in bronze and stainless steel, creating just 13 of each.


  • Snaga - One Third Size
    Limited Editions

    Snaga – One Third Size

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    We made the first Snaga for David Gemmell over thirty years ago. Snaga is weilded by Druss in David Gemmell’s novels.

    The one third size Snaga is produced with a turned spring steel handle.  The grips are bound with calfskin.  The runic inscription “Sender The Blades Of No Return” is engraved into four panels around the handle and inlaid in silver.

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